Welcome to the TEA Project !

  Do you teach in English and find it difficult to interact fluently with your students and to express your ideas accurately?
  Is your course less interactive with fewer in-depth exchanges with students?
  Do you worry that you sound more boring when teaching in English?
 Do you and your students feel tired at the end of your lectures?
  Are you afraid to share your experiences with colleagues and do you sometimes feel isolated?
  Is your timetable so full that you have no time to follow an English course on a regular basis?

The TEA Project, ‘Teaching in English for Academics’, is here to help!

It offers individualised support to any professor or teaching assistant who teaches in English and aims to give you the tools you need to deliver quality teaching. See the detailed programme in ‘What do we offer?’.

Find out more about our language training for 2020/21, open to all members of the university, regardless of whether or not they teach in English.


It consists of:

  Classroom observations with pedagogical and linguistic feedback;

  One-to-one and small group language courses with an English teacher to improve oral fluency and written skills;

  Teacher training seminars to develop participants’ understanding of effective methodologies for teaching in a foreign language. These will also explore how to make practical adaptations to course and lesson structure;

  Online modules with podcasts available on the Université Virtuelle website to prepare and consolidate the competencies acquired during the seminars.

Nell, one of the teachers and pedagogical advisers explains what a ‘typical’ TEA Project lesson looks like….